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Hyuuga Hinata

Hinata is the oldest daughter and heiress to the Hyuga clan. Along with Shino Aburame and Kiba Inuzuka, she is part of Kurenai Yuhi's Team 8. As a member of the Hyuuga clan, she possesses the Byakugan, which gives her an almost 360 field of vision, and specializes in the Gentle Fist fighting style, which allows her to damage her opponent's chakra circulatory system and inner organs directly with even a slight tap. While Hinata is technically the heiress to the Hyuga clan, her father deemed her a lost cause in her early teens apparently of even lesser skill than her younger sister, Hanabi, and not even comparable to her cousin Neji.

In the beginning, Hinata lacked self-confidence and gave up easily. Though she stayed at the training grounds longer than anyone else and worked hard to improve her skills, she would give up when faced with any real competition. In an attempt to change herself, Hinata entered the Chunin exam, where she finally finds the will to never give up. She finds inspiration in Naruto, her academy student crush, whose constant determination and confidence she admires. Hinata’s strong affections for Naruto seem to be a rather glaring exception, as no other introduced girl of around Naruto's age has displayed anything of the sort for him. Hinata’s hobby is pressing flowers. Her favorite foods are senzai (soft bean jam) and cinnamon rolls; her least favorite foods are crab and eel. Her favorite phrase is self-confidence.

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